The amount of people that look up urticaria pronunciation every month would suggest that they have not heard the word before. Not nearly as many look up hives pronunciation. A conclusion could be drawn that many people are not aware that hives and urticaria both describe the same condition.


Urticaria Pronunciation


If you look up urticaria pronunciation, you will find the typical dictionary type phonetic description that looks like this:


Since those accent marks showing the long and short vowel marks, and which syllable gets the emphasis are not that helpful to many people, an easier way to master urticaria pronunciation is to on to the internet to one of the many sites that will actually let you play a sound clip of a voice actually pronouncing the word. For those that are good with descriptions as shown above but not sure about which syllable gets the emphasis, it is the third syllable that is pronounced a little stronger than the rest.


Hives Pronunciation


Hives pronunciation is a lot easier than urticaria pronunciation. But the same dictionary would show an example of hives pronunciation as follows:


Not only is hives pronunciation a little easier, there is only one syllable and most people have already heard the word. The vowel (I) is pronounced with the long sound.


They Both Mean the Same Thing


Hive pronunciation is certainly easier than urticaria pronunciation which is why most people will refer to the condition as hives. It is a skin condition that is characterized by welts that are very itchy and a result of the body releasing histamines as an immune response to some internal or external agent that is perceived to be foreign and unwelcome.

Most people recognize this condition as hives when they see it, primarily because it appears so suddenly. This is the most common way hives is recognized as opposed to other rashes. It can come and go on different parts of the body very quickly, without an apparent reason. When they go to research it further for the first time is when most people discover that the condition is known medically as urticaria. The unfamiliarity of the word is probably why people search by the hundreds monthly for urticaria pronunciation as opposed to only dozens for hives pronunciation.

Whatever you call it, if it comes and goes quickly, there is no reason for alarm, but if it persists or comes and goes for longer than six week, the condition is chronic and a remedy should be sought. You should stay away from prescription remedies if at all possible, as you may become dependent on them or have other unwanted side effects.