Hives Articles and Resources

Hives Symptoms

Itch caused by hives is one of the most annoying things. If you are suffering from it, this article is for you.

Hives swelling is not only painful but may also be embarrassing. Read this article to learn how you can find relief.

Hives can be in the shape of red itchy hives or red bumps hives; this article contains all the details you are looking for.

Sometimes high temperatures can cause hives; learn how you can avoid hot hives and the hives burn caused by them.

Hives bumps can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Read this article to learn how you can get rid of them.

Though eczema and hives are similar in appearance, they are two different conditions. Read this article for more information.

Painful hives can be unbearable. Learn how to find relief. 

This article has all the details about hives lump and hives swell.

Hives Cures

This article discusses the best hives treatment, including simple hives treatments and home remedies for hives.

 Types of Hives

If you or any of your friends or family suffers from cold hives, this article has the details you need to know.

Hives thyroid and vasculitis hives are discussed in this article.

Anyone can suffer from hives rashes when exposed to high temperatures. Read this article to learn what you can do.

Could your hives be caused by a virus? Read how viruses can cause a hives outbreak and what you can do about it.

A strange connection between alcohol and hives is revealed in this article. Learn how to tell if alcohol is responsible for your hives.

Viral hives can be painful. This article will show you how to find relief.

Sometimes our body's defense system can turn against us and cause severe damage. This is the case with autoimmune hives, explained in detail in this article.

Doctors tout the importance of exercise, but did you know that exercise can cause hives? Read this article to learn more.

Water is essential to health, but it can also cause hives. Read this article to learn more.

Learn how localized pressure on your skin can cause a strange type of hives.

Acute and cholinergic hives explained in detail.

Learn how physical hives can affect you and what you can do to minimize the discomfort. This article contains the information you need to find relief.

Not knowing what is causing your condition can add to your discomfort and exacerbate the problem. Read this article to gain a better understanding of hives.

In order to get the best treatment for hives, it is important to know what causes them. Read this article to learn more.

Hives General

Everything you need to know when you are searching for relief.

Learn more about the medicine used to treat hives.

Hives Drugs

The most commonly used drugs for treating hives are explained in detail in this guide. Talk to your doctor about the best medication for you.

Many times, hives go away on their own. If yours don't, it may be time to call the doctor.


Learn how to get rid of hive rashes.

Hive relief can be yours if you know what to do for this condition.

Learn how to get relief from painful and itching hives.

Learn when to call the doctor for your hive condition.

If you suffer outbreaks when you come into contact with water, this article is for you.

Learn where to find help and support for your skin problem.

Hive healing is not as difficult as it may seem. Learn which hive remedies work for others.

Could a virus be causing your hives? Do you have allergies? Read this article to learn more.

Some basic knowledge about the common symptoms of hives.

A simple solution for your skin problem.

Do you know that touching certain things can cause hives? This article explains how the items you come into contact with can cause this painful condition.

Learn how heat and stress can cause hives.

This article explains various types of hive remedies and which medications are commonly used to treat this skin condition.

Learn how to protect your children from hives.


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