Painful Hives - Hives Bruise

People who have experienced hives bruise know how painful hives can be. The itchiness, swelling, and burning sensation add to the suffering of patients with painful hives. You not only suffer from the extreme pain, but you may also be embarrassed by the hideous looking bruises.

Luckily, hives bruises can be cured; however, you need to choose the appropriate treatment from various options, i.e. chronic hives treatment, physical hives treatment, hives in children treatment, etc, according to your specific problem. These treatments are safe and are similar in nature; however, it is advisable to  consult a qualified doctor before treating this skin problem on your own.

The details of the phenomenon that causes hives describe why it is painful. There is a certain type of cells widespread in our skin called mast cells, which contain certain important chemicals. One of these chemicals is called histamine. If mast cells are disturbed by any factor, allergic or non-allergic, they can release the histamine into the adjacent areas of the skin. This release causes hives bruise and pain. Antihistamines can be used to counter its effect and reduce itchiness and swelling.

In most cases, a hives bruise vanishes within a few hours after its outbreak. This kind of hives is known as acute hives. However, if your rashes do not go away, i.e. if they remain more than six weeks and appear at least twice a week you may have chronic hives. This form of the condition needs more attention, as it can cause constant symptoms.

If you have developed painful hives or a hives bruise, you need determine the causes or triggers and avoid them as much as possible. While antihistamines can help the patient, it is important to remember that they do not treat the underlying cause. However, to reduce itching and pain you can cool the affected area or apply aloe vera gel or calamine lotion to the skin.


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