Exercise Induced Hives

It is a common misconception among many people that exercise induced hives is some kind of exercise allergy. However, it is a form of hives that occurs during exercise. The patient may have itching, swelling, or  colored wheals on the legs, arms, torso, neck, or any other part of the skin during or right after  exercise.

This type of hives is similar in nature to hives and stress. Usually, sweating is considered to be the physical trigger; however, the actual cause is a sudden increase in  body temperature. The rash may appear on the skin within a few minutes and may remain for 30 minutes or more. There can be some extreme cases in which the person may feel suffocation and may faint. If this happens, you must consult a doctor instantly.

Hives Exercise

Every doctor will tell you that exercise is very good for your health. It is an irony if you get a skin problem due to exercise. Hives are itchy, colorful wheals that develop on your skin during physical exercise. They appear abruptly, are extremely itchy, and then disappear without a trace within a few minutes or hours. Though it can be triggered by food allergies,  exercise is the cause for hives exercise.

Exercise induced hives develop when your skin suddenly warms during exercise and body temperature undergoes a rapid change. Once your skin reaches a certain temperature, itchy welts suddenly occur. The hives usually appear on the stomach, back, or chest, but can occur anywhere, including on the face.

Hives and Exercise

Eating cheese, seafood, celery, or wheat within a few hours of  exercising can trigger an outbreak. People who have exercise-induced hives may also experience a reaction when they take medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen before exercising.

Hives from Exercise

If you are prone to hives, then you should be careful with your exercise and workout routine. It is better to consult a physician before indulging in such activities.


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