Cold Induced Urticaria and Acquired Cold Urticaria

If you experience large, red welts or swelling on your skin after it exposure to a cold stimulus, then you might have developed Cold induced urticaria. Acquired Cold Urticaria is caused by different natural reasons rather than inheriting it. It mostly occurs between the ages of 18 and 25. If you have inherited it, this type is known as familial cold urticaria.

The exposures that may cause cold induced urticaria vary greatly, including holding a dreadfully cold object, dipping body parts in cold or ice water or ice, to exposure including wind, and walking or swimming in extremely cold environments.

Cold Urticaria

Cold Urticaria is a type of allergy where large red swellings form on the skin after being exposed to a cold stimulus. In most cases, these swellings are itchy and often, the hands and feet get swollen as well. Their size can vary from the size of a pencil eraser to as big as a fifty-cent piece or even larger.

If your cold urticaria lasts for more than six weeks, it is classified as chronic, but this happens in rare cases. However, in some extreme cases, the patches can stay for a lifetime.

Familial Cold Urticaria

This is an inherited type of cold urticaria. It is also known as familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome or simply FCAS. It is a characterized by swellings, rashes, conjunctivitis, and arthralgias elicited by exposure to extreme cold.

Such a skin problem not only causes pain and itchiness, but can also severely affect your social life.


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