Angioedema Abdominal Pain

Angioedema is a feared disease because it does not only have the potential to disfigure you, but it can also cause localized pain and discomfort. Angioedema abdominal pain can be the worst and most painful form of angioedema. Usually, angioedema swelling is found on the lips and eyes;  therefore, it is also called facial angioedema. However, it may also occur on your feet or hands, which can prevent you from walking or performing other daily activities. Abdominal pain is usually felt when the gastrointestinal tract is involved. It can cause cramps in the abdomen with severe pain, which may even disable the patient.

Though there are many symptoms of angioedema including local burning sensation, pain, swelling yet in some cases the angioedema abdominal pain can be the only presenting symptom of this scary and deadly disease.

Even for the modern medical science, the examination of abdominal angioedema is a challenge. The reason is that the patient my have certain changes and alterations in the bowel sounds and sometimes localized tenderness as well. It has been reported that some cases also resemble acute abdomen. If you are feeling severe abdominal pain with or without swelling and there is no apparent reason for this pain, you must visit a qualified doctor for a proper angioedema diagnosis.

Although angioedema abdominal pain can be felt the patients of acquired angioedema, however, it is the common indication in the patients suffering from hereditary angioedema. Trauma, dental work and some other common stimuli can be the causes in case of abdominal pain in hereditary angioedema but most of the time there is no known cause.

Pain outbreaks usually in recurrent episodes which is also called ?#8364;œattacks?#8364;? or ?#8364;œangioedema attacks of abdominal pain?#8364;?. These attacks can cause a significant increase in the white blood cells of the patient. However, with the end of these attacks the count of these cells returns to normal.

As said earlier, that the symptoms of angioedema abdominal pain may resemble that of acute abdomen, sometimes the patients undergo unnecessary operations on the abdomen or keyhole surgery. Therefore, before undergoing any surgery make sure a professional and qualified doctor has properly diagnosed the problem.


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