Hereditary Angioedema Symptoms - Angioedema Diagnosis

Certain hereditary angioedema symptoms can help when you are visiting the doctor for angioedema diagnosis. All this really makes the treatment and management of your skin problem easy. The rest of the article describes how this symptoms â& diagnosis phenomenon works.

Hereditary angioedema, a rare but extremely dangerous disease, passes down the families and can be life taking. Here are certain hereditary angioedema symptoms for your knowledge, but it is recommended that you should consult a professional for proper diagnosis and clear-cut hereditary angioedema treatment.

The most common symptom of hereditary angioedema is swelling around the lips, eyes hands, feet, tongue and throat. Another common symptom is abdominal pain caused by swelling in the stomach and bowel. In some cases swelling of the bladder or urethra has also been reported. Other common symptoms include swelling of the tongue and throat, vomiting, swelling of legs, abdominal pain and cramps, and dehydration.

Sometimes, the intestines of the patient may also swell up causing cramping and sever pain. Another not very common symptom for hereditary angioedema is the outbreak of hives (urticaria) on certain parts of the body. In severer cases airway blockage and hoarseness is also observed. Remember, angioedema swelling is not itchy but it may cause a burning sensation.

Now let us discuss the details of angioedema diagnosis. When you visit a doctor for diagnosis he/she will examine your skin to check if there is any swelling and ask you if you have been exposed to any allergies or other irritating substances which may trigger angioedema.

Urine and blood test may also be considered during the diagnosis. In people prone to allergies, allergy testing is also carried out. The most obvious sign of angioedema is the deficiency of C1-Inhibitor. A proper diagnosis is very important for the future management of this unwanted lethal skin problem.


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