Angioedema Symptoms

Certain diseases have unique symptoms through which they can be clearly identified. Angioedema symptoms in some cases are quite similar to those of hives symptoms. In this article I will describe certain angioedema symptoms  which will help you to sort this disease out. To make hereditary angioedema treatment easier, I will also describe some symptoms of hereditary angioedema separately.

The most common and obvious of angioedema symptoms is swelling which is usually right below the surface of the skin. This swelling occurs due the collection of certain fluid i.e. histamines under the skin layers. Swelling usually appears on lips and eyes, and sometimes it may outbreak on hands feet and genitals. However, in sever cases throat, tongue and bowel can get swelled up. Swelling usually lasts 1 to 3 days.

The swelling itself is not itchy but if your angioedema is accompanied by hives, you may feel itching. The swelling can cause a painful feeling and a burning sensation in the affected areas. If the swelling occurs in the throat or air-tubes in lungs, it can cause difficulty in breathing.

Hereditary Angioedema Symptoms

Hereditary angioedema passes down the family and can be life taking. Here are certain hereditary angioedema symptoms for your knowledge, but it is recommended that you should consult a professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The most common symptom of hereditary angioedema besides swelling is abdominal pain caused by swelling in the stomach and bowel. In some cases swelling of the bladder or urethra has also been reported. Other common symptoms include swelling of the tongue and throat, vomiting, swelling of legs, abdominal pain and cramps, and dehydration.

Symptoms of Angioedema

There are several symptoms of angioedema as explained above but let me revise the major ones for you: the obvious and common sign is swelling usually on the lips, eyes face hands, legs, tongue, throat and the private parts. Swelling is not itchy but painful.


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