Angioedema Cure - How to Treat Angioedema

Everyone suffering from deadly angioedema wants to know how to treat angioedema. The answer is a timely diagnosis followed by a proper angioedema cure.

Before you opt for any angioedema cure, make sure the ailment has been properly diagnosed by a qualified doctor. The reason is that the symptoms of angioedema can be confused with many other conditions. Furthermore, a proper course of action can only be selected once the disease has been properly diagnosed. For example, hereditary angioedema treatment is different from acquired angioedema treatment.

Curing idiopathic angioedema is a thornier as the causes are not obvious. However, you may have an allergy test by a professional. Urine and blood tests are helpful in order to find, if you are infected with angioedema. If the results are positive, certain therapies or antihistamines can be opted for corresponding angioedema cure.

The best cure for acquired angioedema is epinephrine. Its quick action can discontinue the rapid swelling and can be life saving. Some other therapies, certain Chinese acupunctures and antihistamines intake can also be considered as a viable angioedema cure. Cinnarizine drug has also been proven to be a useful cure, especially in patients with liver problems, as it blocks the formation of C4.

A finely tuned cure for hereditary angioedema is based on C1-INH concentrate from donor blood, which must be administered under expert authority. In many European countries C1-INH concentrate is not commonly available, therefore, fresh frozen blood plasma, which also contains C1-INH, can also be used as an alternative. If you have a legacy of angioedema in your family, avoid all the triggers and consult a doctor even if you don't have any symptoms as prevention is always better than cure.

You can find some useful cures of angioedema on the internet but they are only suited to specific types. A wrong diagnosis, or improper cure can aggravate the situation, therefore it is recommended to consult a qualified doctor.


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