Angioedema Swelling - Angioedema Rash

Angioedema swelling is the main symptom of angioedema and also differentiates it from hives (urticaria). On the other hand angioedema rash is not very common while rashes are more commonly found on the skin of the patient suffering from hives.

Angioedema, also known as Quincke edema, is the hasty swelling of the skin resulted by the swelling of dermis, and submucosal tissues. Usually the angioedema swelling lasts a few hours after the outbreak and does not threaten the life of the patient. However, if the swelling progresses rapidly in the upper airway, tongue or throat it can block the airway and cause suffocation hence, should be treated as a medical emergency. Epinephrine is a life saving drug in case of acquired angioedema but it is not very effective in familial angioedema.

Angioedema swelling does not cause itchiness like the hives, however, it might cause a burning sensation in some cases. You can do certain things to reduce the swelling and the subsequent burning. The foremost thing is to avoid the triggers and allergens that cause swelling. Cooling down the affected area also helps. Ingestion of antihistamines also reduces the swelling by counter-affecting the histamine release or the allergies. However, if you are looking for a permanent cure for you skin problem you should consult a qualified doctor.

Usually the angioedema swelling appears around the eyes and lips but it can outbreak anywhere on the body including hands, feet, arms etc. In severer cases the swelling appears on the tongue and in the throat. For individuals who are suffering from angioedema, triggers can lead to recurring or chronic angioedema i.e. the swelling may reappear after disappearing for a while. Several triggers can result in angioedema including ecological factors and allergies, some food items, underlying diseases, and some physical factors, along with others. Taking certain drugs may also result in angioedema swelling.


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