Angioedema Eyes - Code for Angioedema

The immeasurable online content has helped people understand the diseases from which they suffer. Many people are searching for angioedema eyes and code for angioedema. This article contains the detailed description about these two keywords, which can be a great help when you are trying to get rid of this weird skin problem.

Angioedema eyes swelling is one of the most commonly found subtypes of angioedema. It occurs around the eyes of the patient and the patient is unable to open eyes due to the swelling. It is also called facial angioedema, but facial angioedema can occur anywhere on your face including uvula, eyes, lips etc.

Being unable to open your eyes due to angioedema swelling can be a nightmare. It literally disables a person and severely affects the social and business life of the patient. Therefore, a prompt medical treatment should be opted for by consulting a qualified doctor.

ICD has defined a sizeable set of codes of different diseases, similarly there is also a code for angioedema as well. Similarly Mendelian Inheritance in Man or OMIM is another coding system for the known diseases. Following are the codes for angioedema accordingly:

ICD 10 Code for angioedema: D84.1, T78.3
ICD 9 Code for angioedema: 277.6, 995.1
OMIM Code for angioedema: 606860, 106100, 610618

ICD is ellipsis for International Statistical Classification of Diseases. It is a catalogue that comprises of coding of different diseases, their symptoms, atypical social conditions, complaints and certain outer causes of injury or diseases, as classified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The code set or ICD gives permission of more than 14,400 different codes of disease and also the finding of many new diagnoses. If the sub-classifications are used, these codes can be further expanded up to 16,000 codes and more.



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