Pressure Angioedema - Thyroid Angioedema

This article will give you the details of two uncommon types of angioedema: pressure angioedema and thyroid angioedema. For easier and better understanding I am dividing this article into two virtual parts: the first one explains pressure angioedema and the second one is about thyroid angioedema.

Pressure angioedema is typically caused by sudden extreme localized pressure applied on to the skin. The most obvious symptom is swelling on the affected area but in some cases the effects are deep inside. In some extreme cases the pain persists much longer and may be accompanied by other severe symptoms including low fever, chills, fatigue, joint and muscle aches, and/or headaches. If this is the case with you, you must consult a doctor for a reliable angioedema treatment.

There can be various diverse scenarios where pressure angioedema may occur, but it outbreak commonly after the patient's skin has been under extreme pressure e.g. it can appear on the individual's feet after standing on a hard floor or on the buttocks after sitting constantly for an extended period of time

Certain drugs e.g. Aspirin can also trigger pressure angioedema in the people who are prone to it. The pressure can be from different mechanical tools, tight clothing, carrying heavy items etc. If you are prone to it, you must avoid the factors and activities that can trigger pressure angioedema. You should consult a qualified dermatologist to find out the causes of your specific problem. The patient may consume systemic corticosteroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, however, they produce variable responses in different cases.

Thyroid is the largest gland in human body present in your neck. Certain skin problems that are connected with your thyroid gland and the hormones released by it are pretty similar to angioedema and many people refer to them as thyroid angioedema. Some disorders in the thyroid gland can cause release of hormones from the thyroid which may result in angioedema or hives.


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