Angioedema Cause - Causes of Angioedema

Many patients do not know the exact angioedema cause due to insufficient knowledge about this disease. It is extremely important to understand the causes of angioedema when you are in search of treatment for this annoying, painful and, in some cases, deadly skin disease.

Unfortunately, there is not enough material available about the causes of angioedema on the biggest database of knowledge and information, which is the Internet. Some people would think that knowing the causes may not be important; however, if you are unsure of the causes, your angioedema treatment becomes more difficult. The next section describes the causes of angioedema, dividing them into categories based on the ratio of their occurrence.

Angioedema Causes

There is a plethora of angioedema causes, the most commonly observer are described below divided into four categories: extremely common causes, common causes, rare causes and extremely rare causes.

There are three major and extremely common causes of angioedema including, diabetes, hives (urticaria) and certain type of allergies e.g. pollen allergy. If a person prone to these causes comes in contact with a trigger, the chances of angioedema outbreak increase. If you are such a person, it is better to avoid these causes because prevention is better than cure!

There are some other common causes for angioedema which involve certain allergies i.e. food allergy, lupus syndrome, Hepatitis (especially hepatitis B), allergy from rugs e.g. penicillin.

Then there are some rarely found causes i.e. Mastocytosis, which are not be feared much but it is always good to be on the safe side.

In the end, there are extremely rare causes of angioedema i.e. only a few cases of angioedema have been reported due to these causes which include lymphatic filariasis and leukemia (certain type of cancer of bone marrow or blood).

What Causes Angioedema

Knowing what causes angioedema can greatly reduce the chances of its occurrence. Hopefully, after reading this article you know the causes and will stay safe in the future!


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