Angioedema Disease - Angioedema Eye

This article will give you an in-depth knowledge about angioedema disease and how angioedema eye swelling can affect you. For better understanding, this article is divided into two parts: the first one explains  angioedema disease, while the second one is about angioedema eye. Let us first try to understand what angioedema is and how to identify it.

Angioedema or Quincke edema is the rapid swelling of the human skin resulted by the swelling of dermis, sub-mucosal tissues and mucosa. Usually the swelling lasts a few hours and does not threaten the life of the patient. However, in some severe cases the swelling can cause suffocation and needs to be treated as a medical emergency.

Angioedema disease can be a great nuisance for anybody. This disease has two main subtypes: acquired angioedema disease and hereditary angioedema disease. As apparent by their names the first one is acquired due to certain allergens, causes while the second one is a familial problem and passes down the families. This disease can be acute i.e. may stay for only a few hours and on the other hand it can be chronic i.e. exists for an extended period of time.

Angioedema eye swelling can be a nightmare, as the patient may not be able to open his eyes due to severe swelling. This swelling does not threaten the life of the patient and is usually painless. However, the patient is unable to see as long as the swelling persists. This can dismantle the social and business life of any individual. Children may suffer problems in their schooling.

If you are suffering from angioedema disease or experiencing angioedema eye swelling, you should consult a qualified doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. The most commonly ingested drug is called antihistamine, which counters the effects of histamine release.


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